Barrackpore Cantonment, a town located in the neighbourhood of Barrackpore to the north of Kolkata is situated in the state of West Bengal, India. Two revolts against British authority took place in Barrackpore Cantonment. The first of these was Barrackpore Mutiny of 1824, led by Sepoy BindeeTiwary. In this rebellion, 47th Bengal Native Infantry refused to board boats to cross the sea for various reasons including social taboo “Kala pani (taboo)” to Burma in the First Anglo-Burmese War. Consequently, British-manned artillery fired upon them and “erased” them. In 1857, Barrackpore was the scene of an incident that some credit with starting of the Indian Rebellion of 1857: an Indian soldier, Mangal Pandey, attacked his British commander, and was subsequently court-martialled. His regiment was disbanded, an action which offended a number of sepoys and is considered to have contributed to the anger that fuelled the rebellion.