1. Acts and Rules related to Cantonment Board

Cantonment Board is governed under the
a. Cantonments Act, 2006 (41 of 2006)
b. Cantonment Board Account Rules, 2020
c. Cantonment Electoral Rules, 2007
d. Cantonment Fund Servants Rules, 1937

2. Birth & Death Registration

Chief Executive Officer, Cantonment Board, Barrackpore is the Registrar of Births & Deaths as per Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 as well as W.B R.B & D – State Rules,1972.

3. Who is responsible for giving the information to the Registrar?

In-charge of the Medical Institution and any other person can give the information to the Registrar u/s 8 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969.

4. Issuance of Certificates

For issue of Birth, Death and Burial Certificates, beneficiaries can submit applications online as well as offline. Beneficiaries can also collect certificates online after depositing requisite fees.

5. Correction for erroneous entries

For correction of erroneous entries, they have to submit documents as required U/s.15 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969.